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        Breaking the Monopoly of Consumables and Becoming a High-quality National Brand 


        Biological detection cannot be separated from equipment, consumables and reagents. He is the carrier between equipment and reagents and acts as a "measuring tool" in the test. The laboratory is an important factor that affects the success of the experiment. In the experiment, when the reagent and the specimen react, the machine needs to measure the value of the specimen, and the machine measurement has a fixed capacity. If the consumables are not accurate enough, the deviation of the detected experimental data will greatly increase. 


        Production of laboratory consumables is a "technical job" and belongs to the field of precision mold research and development. Companies that produce consumables must master and flexibly distribute comprehensive knowledge such as biotechnology, equipment testing and application, molds, machinery and engineering. 


        The policy encourages research and development and opens up the domestic market. 


        Before the relevant regulations came out, the production of laboratory consumables has been monopolized by foreign countries. Consumables have always been "gifts" of experimental equipment. Consumables production has experienced a long winter. With the development of the market, the division of labor in production has gradually become detailed, and relevant regulations have been issued one after another, prohibiting the binding sales of equipment and consumables, requiring the two industries to produce and sell separately, which has played a huge role in promoting the development of consumables industry. 


        Although the development time of domestic laboratory consumables enterprises is not long, with the promotion of technological progress in the era of big data and the full development of the domestic market, the development of domestic laboratory consumables industry is advancing rapidly. 


        In-depth Market Research to Win Trust 


        For most laboratories in China, in order to save time and ensure the controllability of experiments, when conditions permit, imported consumables will be selected most of the time, and domestic products become spare tires. In domestic laboratories, large and small, a common trend of belittling domestic consumables has been formed. Some even lost the most basic trust in Chinese goods. 


        Scientific progress is the driving force, and speaking with quality is the absolute principle. Domestic laboratory consumables have gradually won the trust of most laboratories. Based on the principle of "craftsman spirit", Jijian Biology has applied 20 years of accumulated experience in precision mold research and development to production design. In the research and development team, there are many experts who have worked in the laboratory for many years. In the production line, the selection of workers is also very strict. With the improvement of technology, the laboratory consumables produced have gradually become fine and durable, which are almost the same as imported consumables in terms of details, workmanship, design, materials and comfort. 


        In addition, the localized production of domestic laboratory consumables will be relatively more substantial in terms of price. After understanding the market demand, the products produced will be more in line with the "appetite" of local laboratories. 




        Craftsman's Spirit Accumulates Health as Male 


        Laboratory consumables are a new industry with great changes and strong unpredictability. The requirements for consumables in experiments are generally high, so consumables production is a "technical job". Jijian Biology has grasped the focus of industry development, strictly grasped product quality, and innovated product design while studying hard to introduce foreign technologies. 


        Innovation is a steady stream of competitiveness. In PCR series products, the design of imported PCR boards is often fixed and cannot be disassembled. The parts not used in the experiment will be discarded, causing waste. After analyzing the experimental process and in-depth investigation, Jijian Biology changed a fixed number of PCR boards into detachable ones, which can be used as they are removed to improve the utilization rate of resources. In the design of another PCR board, it replaces the manufacturing habit of a single material, uses material synthesis, breaks the monopoly of production resources by a company, and the use and experience of synthetic materials are also well received. 


        The technological promotion and innovative development in the era of big data have brought opportunities and are full of challenges. Through continuous improvement and research and development, the domestic laboratory consumables industry will go further.